Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ
Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ


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Industrial park of GC "NATEK" got another "giant" - a...

Our main manufacturing unit is situated in Taganrog, Rostov region.

plant area is 30,842 m2; S of roofed production buildings is 14,200 m2; administration and amenity building area is 1,071 m2; storage area (within industrial buildings) is 840 m2; storage area (plant neighbourhood) is 2,500 m2.

overhead travelling cranes installed at the height of 10 m, with the lifting capacity of up to 20 tons; transfer trolleys and hoists (for machines); mobile cranes used to handle equipment of up to 100 tons; lift trucks.

the enterprise has the advantage of almost autonomous infrastructure with local railway lines and service roadways, heat and water supply systems, power facilities etc. A year round sea port is located just 5 km away from the plant.

“ZAVOD-TAGANROG” comprises all necessary departments and areas:
• blank preparation area;
• machining area;
• fitter's area;
• welding area;
• steel structure fabrication area.

performs blank preparation activities according to the tasks and schedules of the PRODUCTION SCHEDULING AND CONTROL DEPARTMENT. The total area including the machining area is 3,200 m². The number of operating personnel is 30 people.


four-roller hydraulic sheet-metal bending machine produced by Roccia, HR4W 20135 type, featuring CNC and capable to work sheets with the width of up to 2,000 mm and the thickness of up to 140 mm.

four-roller hydraulic machine produced by AKBEND, AHS25/30 type, featuring CNC and capable of performing pre-bending, bending proper and final bending in one stroke. It may work sheets with the width of up to 2,500 mm, thickness of up to 40 mm and blanks with the diameter of up to 6,000 mm.

three-roller sheet benders И2220Б, ЛГВ-20 are designed for fabrication of shells with the diameter of up to 4,000 mm and the wall thickness from 12 to 20 mm.

CNC plasma cutter “Granat” and portal photoelectric servosystem CNC machine “AGAT” perform pattern cutting of metal sheets of 2,000 × 12,000 mm and the thickness of up to 360 mm, provide shape cutting of parts and slitting of sheets with accuracy and quality according to GOST 14792-80.

band-saw machines BS-912B and “PEGAS” are used to cut ferrous and other materials with solid, hollow and profile section.

edge-milling machine XBJ-9 is designed for machining of sheet edges after thermal cutting and edge preparation for welding.

edge banding milling machine is designed for steel plates.

CNC thermal cutting machine CNC-CG4000D is designed for gas-oxygen cutting of rolled sheets.

main activities are turning works with or without CNC, drilling operations, milling works and boring works. The total area including the blank preparation area is 3,200 m² The number of operating personnel is 55 people.


milling machines 6Т83Ш, 6Т82 perform milling of surface profiles and boring.

vertical CNC milling machine 6Р13Ф3 enables CNC mode three axis simultaneous working: longitudinal, lateral and vertical axes.

bed-type CNC milling production center performs different boring, drilling, marking and other operations, machines horizontal and inclined planes, grooves, angles, frames.

radial type drilling machines 2А554, 2М57 perform drilling according to the marking up to 45 mm and up to 75 mm.

coordinate CNC drilling machine 2550МФ4 performs drilling of tubesheets with the diameter from 1,500 to 2,500 mm with the hole diameter of 25 mm and over, flanges with the diameter from 50 to 2,500 mm with the hole diameter from 6 to 42 mm.

thread-turning machines 16К20, 1М65, 1М63, ИЖ250, CWH perform all types of turning works with or without CNC maintaining accuracy of 0.1 mm, maximum boring length is 5,000 mm.

vertical turning machines 1Л532, 1525 with or without CNC are designed for working of cylindrical, conical and complex contours, – both internal and external ones. The machines may be used for drilling, boring and working of center holes with the diameter of up to 3,200 mm.

CNC turning machine 16А20ФЗС 15 is designed for turning machining of external diameters of up to 400 mm and internal surfaces of parts with the length of up to 1,000 mm.

• horizontal CNC boring-and-turning mill 2А622Ф4 is intended for boring, milling and drilling operations including contour milling and thread tapping.

is specifically aimed at fabrication of parts and subunits using machining methods, fitting-and-assembly as well as welding-and-assembly operations. The total area is 6,028 m². The number of operating personnel is 180 people.


hydraulic press PVE-250 with the pressing power of 250 tons used for the full range of stamping operations.

abrasive belt grinding machine FEIN GRITT is intended for fitter's works such as deburring, chamfering, degating, sharpening and accurate grinding of metal cutting, wood-working and other tools (drills, cutters, blades), deseaming and preparation of surfaces for welding.

chamfering machine CHP-21 G the plate machining speed with chamfer width of 20 mm, thickness of 50 mm and material hardness of up to 40 kg/mm² is 1.7 m/min.

auxiliaries for assembly of shells, tubesheets of heat exchangers, reactors, vessels etc., different stands for assembly of structural components.

is intended for welding of stainless steels, general purpose alloy steels as well as different alloys. The total area is 6,028 m². The number of operating personnel is 60 people.


self-propelled welding tractor ESAB A2 Multitrac is used for automatic submerged arc welding of sheet parts with the thickness of up to 100 mm and the length of up to 10,000 mm. High welding quality and very high welding rate through the use of ø4 mm welding wire.

welding centers Linkoln and ESAB 4×4 featuring seam-tracking system for automatic submerged arc welding, joints of sheets with the thickness of up to 100 mm and the length of up to 10,000 mm, circular and longitudinal welds on the inside and the outside of the shells with the thickness of up to 100 mm, ø up to 4,000 mm. The welding center is equipped with roller supports with the lifting capacity of 75 t which is used to make circular welds when joining together individual shells.

ESAB A2 orbital welding is designed to perform automatic argon-arc welding of heat-exchanging tubes with the diameter from 14 to 50 mm to a tube sheet.

welding machines “Fronius Transtig” are intended for manual argon arc welding and manual arc welding. They are equipped with the feed device “KD 4000 D-11” which enables mechanized manual argon-arc welding with non-consumable electrode welding wire with the diameter from 0.8 to 2 mm.

welding machine “Kemppi X450” is used for semi-automatic gas and gas mixture shielded welding. Embedded program “Wais root” is practical for welding of pipes, flange-to-pipe welds where there is a single side V-shaped land and when it is impossible to weld on the other side of the joint.

welding tractor LIZARD is the self-propelled device with the welding gun used for semi-automatic welding attached to it. It may be used together with any welding machine for semi-automatic welding.


fabrication of steel structures varying in operational conditions and degree of prefabrication. The total area is 3014 m². The number of operating personnel is 70 people.

The area comprises the state-of-the-art equipment:

• plasma and oxygen CNC gas cutting machines providing a means for pattern cutting of metal plates with the maximum overall dimensions of 3,000 × 12,000 mm and the thickness of up to 120 mm.

• line for submerged arc and gas shielded welding of plates.

• line for fabrication of beams.

• line for strip and angle working.

• bandsaws and automated welding areas.

“NATEK” Group manufactures:

– warehouses,
– hangars,
– industrial facilities,
– sports facilities,
– service stations etc.

– bridges,
– viaducts,
– overhead roads.

– columns,
– beams,
– trusses,
– projecting beams,
– girders,
– railings,
– sheds,
– platforms etc.

– mobile communication towers,
– power transmission line towers,
– light towers etc.

– air ducts,
– vessels,
– tanks etc.


carries out the full range of construction and erection works, – from engineering, fabrication of steel structures to commissioning for enterprises of different sectors. The number of operating personnel is 120 people. SRO certificate for works.

performs installation of:

– heat exchangers;
– reactors;
– vessels;
– tanks;
– biogas units.

Installation works comprise:
• engineering analysis of the proposed installation site;
• development of draft documents as well as structural steel drawings and main structural engineering drawings;
• fabrication of carrying steel structures and component parts;
• shop assembly of structure parts for future pre-installation at the construction site;
• loading and transportation of the equipment;
• general assembly or fit-up;
• structural stress;
• works related to corrosion protection;
• structural testing;
• quality inspection.


performs product quality control at each fabrication stage. The department organises incoming inspections, release and erection of fabricated items. It holds the license issued by ROSATOM. The enterprise is certified for compliance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9000 series).

– incoming material inspection, – visual and dimensional;
– chemical-spectral analysis;
– radiographic inspection;
– nondestructive testing;
– dye penetrant examination;
– liquid penetrant testing;
– ultrasonic inspection;
- hydraulic testing (tube and shell sides) using the hydraulic test rig with the pressure of up to 50 MPa.

fixed-site and portable X-ray units, electronic hardness testing machines, fiberscopes etc.

Main tasks and objectives are meeting the needs in materials and supplies for production process in integrated, timely and uniform way (refining and conclusion of contracts for procurement). All component parts, metal, tools etc. used for the works are in full compliance with the requirements of our customers. The total area of the office premises is 250 m². The number of personnel is 25 people.

SDB (special design bureau)

is equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment and software as well as staffed with highly qualified engineering personnel and thus the following services may be provided:

• development of working design documents based on engineering designs of design institutes;

• strength calculation for vessels and apparatus, also with account of wind loads and earthquake loads.

A single drawing (assembly or assembly unit), basic set of engineering documents or full set of engineering documents may be ordered depending on the purpose of documentation.

The total area of the office premises is 100 m². The number of personnel is 20 people.