Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ
Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ Испарители типа ИНТ и ИКТ


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Metal Structures
  • FRAMES for industrial buildings: terminals, modules, boxes, hangars, sheds for gas stations, warehouse complexes, workshops, racks, galleries.

  • MULTISECTIONAL cell communication towers.


  • WAREHOUSE AND AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: beams, columns, ladders, enclosures, containers, rack stacks, platforms, trusses, embedded items.


  • PREFABRICATED BUILDINGS AND STEEL STRUCTURES FOR COMMERCIAL FACILITIES: car showrooms, trade centers, indoor markets, trade pavilions.

  • Bridge, tunnel and crane steel structures.

  • Parts of high pressure and low pressure pipelines for the nuclear and thermal power plants.

  • Pipeline supports and hangers

  • Hangers for nuclear and thermal power plants

    Widely used in civil and industrial construction works as supports, overhead rails, bearing elements of slabs, columns, bridges and racks, in automotive industry and car building. I-beams are most widely used in large span metal frames for public, agricultural and industrial buildings.
    The following beams are produced in accordance with GOST 23118-99, GOST 26020-83 and STO of the Association of Businesses and Organizations on Product Standardization in Ferrous Metals Industry 20-93:
  • sloping flange beams - no letter
  • sloping flange beams for overhead rails - М
  • parallel flange beams, narrow flange type - У
  • parallel flange beams, column type - К
  • parallel flange beams, wide flange type - Ш
  • parallel flange beams, normal type - Б
  • parallel flange beams, medium width flange type - Д
  • max. 16 % sloping flange beams for equipping of mine shafts - С
  • special welded beams up to 28 meters in length can be manufactured according to Customers' drawings.

    Tubular sheet piles are fixing pipe shaped piles used to improve stability and structural strength. They are used in various construction areas such as construction of bridges, coastal structures (mooring houses, docks) where enhanced safety and durability of structures are required. Improved stability and long service life are both attained by the use of tubular sheet piles.

    supply of up to 30 m long prefabricated tubular sheet piles (connectors welded to the pipe) in case of piece by piece assembly on the site. The piles are produced in accordance with all TU, GOST requirements and welding quality and pipe material certificates.